Sanyou Pearl Fibre

Sanyou Pearl Fibre, as a kind of anion fibre, possesses the property of hygroscopicity and ventilation. It touches smoothly and appears lustrously. In addition, it bears compatibility with our skin, which makes it a perfect choice for the fabric of the underwear. Therefore, Sanyou Pearl Fibre can be widely used in brassiere, shots, underwear, pajamas and sports suit etc.

Sanyou Pearl Fibre contains many kinds of amino acid and trace elements and can generate large quantity of negative oxygen ion. It has the function of beautifying and refreshing skin, eliminating the internal heat and toxin from our body, delaying aging, protecting against the ultraviolet ray and improving our body’s microcirculation.

The fabrics woven from Sanyou Pearl Fibre have good function of protecting us against the ultraviolet ray due to the superfine pearl powder existing in the fibre. Calcium carbonate makes up 90% of the pearl, and particles in the superfine pearl powder can result in quantum size effect, small size effect, surface effect and macroscopic quantum effect, all of which common calcium carbonate can not bring about, thus absorbing ultraviolet ray so as to protect against it effectively.

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